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YOUELLA handmade jewellery ecom website was founded in Portugal.


"We  make handmade jewellery from polymer clay and amber; such as pendants, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings. 

As well, we  import amber from Baltic countries. Each amber piece is picked up by us.

All  jewellery is handmade and unique, as many of it can not be replicated. 


The Jewellery,  takes inspiration from nature, seasons, colors, events, everyday life. It can be a story, a movie, a book, a saying, a note behind all designs and it all makes handmade jewellery different.


The jewellery is unique to you and your lifestyle. You can go wearing it for a cup of coffee in the morning or the special dinner in the evening. Where ever you will go, it will look unique, mysterious, modern and one of a kind. 

We can make bigger orders if you require just send us an email to discuss it.




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