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What is Amber?

Amber is the fossilized tree sap and comes from the fossilized resin that dripped out of trees that lived tens of millions of years ago.

It comes in 7 different colors: Yellow, green, blue, red, black, white and butter color amber. It also has more than 250 shades.

Amber is found mainly from around the shores of the Baltic Sea: Lithuania, Latvia, Kaliningrad, Poland, southern Sweden, northern Germany, and Denmark.

Amber is a good luck and protection from the evil symbol.

A Legend is surrounding Baltic Amber.

Perkunas, God of Thunder, had a daughter named Jurate. Jurate lived in a palace entirely made of Baltic Amber in the Baltic Sea.

One time, a fisherman named Kastytis placed his nets within Jurate's underwater kingdom. The goddess did not like it and warned him about it. However, Kastytis kept fishing, as he was successful in catching in these waters. When Jurate realized he was not obeying her wishes, she chose to go in person to deliver the message to quit immediately.

Like all great love stories, Once Jurate saw Kastytis, she fell completely in love with him and brought him back to live with her in her amber palace.

But her father, Perkunas, knew that Jurate was promised to Patrimpas, God of Water, and was incensed that Jurate would commit to a relationship with a mere mortal. Perkunas destroyed the beautiful amber palace by sending a lightning bolt that would kill Jurate's mortal lover. So the castle was destroyed. Goddess Jurate chained within its ruins for all eternity.

So, the story tells that when storms occur in the Baltic Sea, the delicate fragments of the underwater palace washes onshore. Many of the Amber pieces look like the shape of tears thought to be from the grieving goddess who still cries for her lost love. These are the most precious pieces of all.

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